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I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Please try to provide me with at least 72 hours notice. I may be able to accommodate less notice, however this is rare. My preference is to arrange our date weeks in advance. 


To arrange a date, please email over the potential date details to

Please state:


Lawful name,  age,  mobile number. 

Potential meeting date, time, duration.

A little bit about yoursef, e.g career and hobbies.

Location of outcall/incall  (incall only for international bookings)


The ideal plan for our time together (this allows me to pack appropriate attire).


It is also helpful for me if you let me know how you came across this website. I will then be in touch!

Please note once we have agreed a date and time, you will be asked to provide screening details, as well as a small deposit to confirm the booking. Read more about deposits here


Screening is a necessary measure for my safety. I must insist that I cannot make exceptions in this matter and I kindly request your understanding and cooperation .There are two avenues to provide this screening information:

  1. A photograph or a scanned copy of your valid government-issued ID, clearly displaying your photo, date of birth, and full name. This can be emailed directly to

  2. A photograph or link to your LinkedIn profile (logged in). Alternatively an empty email from your work email address.

Your privacy is my top priority. I will handle your information with the utmost care, ensuring strict confidentiality and security. Safeguarding your privacy is crucial for my professional reputation, and I am committed to maintaining your confidentiality. All screening data will be securely deleted after our interaction. If you have specific privacy related worries, feel free to provide a non-disclosure agreement.

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