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No need to worry about planning a long journey to me. I am happy to visit you at your 4/5* hotel or private residence.  Outcalls available in London, and nationwide. 


Fantasised about trying a hot threesome? I have some lovely ladies that I can recommend, or if you have someone you'd love me to meet then I am all ears!


I am a true romantic at heart! I adore kisses and cuddles as well as carnal flirtation.


Please be assured that all details shared in the booking process remain 100% confidential. If any personal information is shared during the date, it will be kept private.





Get ready to read more about me...

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At the core of my being is a profound appreciation for life's simple joys. The smell of freshly baked bread, its golden crust and warm embrace, carries the essence of comfort and home. Romantic picnics, with their quaint charm, create moments of connection and shared laughter amid nature's beauty. The artisanal allure of stonebaked pizzas becomes a culinary adventure, celebrating the art of simplicity and quality ingredients. Whether sipping on fruit smoothies, plucked from a bounty of freshly picked fruits, or strolling through the English countryside in the quiet company of my dog, these moments echo with the resonance of life's uncomplicated pleasures. Soft fabrics against my skin, a tactile delight, become a gentle reminder of the comfort found in simplicity. On chilly evenings, a cozy mug of hot chocolate as the fireplace crackles, followed by a shared bath together, with the delightful vapors of scented oil.


Immersing myself in the world of artistic expression is another source of joy for me. Art galleries and theatres serve as portals to diverse realms of creativity, where the strokes of a paintbrush or the words spoken on stage weave captivating narratives. Exploring these cultural spaces, I find inspiration in the boundless expressions of human imagination. In the quiet moments of my spare time, I delve into the enchanting world of period dramas, relishing the meticulous attention to historical detail and the rich storytelling that transcends time. Additionally, my curiosity about the world knows no bounds, and I satisfy it by delving into documentaries that transport me to different countries, providing a window into their history, customs, and untold stories. These pursuits not only enrich my understanding of the world but also become cherished escapes that feed my intellectual and artistic curiosity.


I must tell you that nature, with its boundless beauty, holds the key to my heart. The towering majesty of mountains and the gentle flow of rivers create a harmonious symphony that resonates with my soul. Yacht trips become a delightful sojourn, where the rhythmic rocking of the boat mirrors the tranquility of the open waters. Sunbathing on the yacht's deck becomes a luxurious communion with the elements, allowing me to absorb the sun's warmth while surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea. As the sun bids adieu, casting its warm glow upon the horizon, I find solace in the quiet spectacle of a sunset, a moment of serene reflection. Venturing into the world of beginner cycling, the wind becomes a gentle companion as I pedal through landscapes, savoring the freedom that comes with each rotation of the wheels. Nature, in all its forms, is my haven, offering a canvas of experiences that paint the chapters of my life with unparalleled beauty. Care to explore the world with me?


My friendly and down-to-earth nature forms the cornerstone of my personality, creating an inviting atmosphere for those around me. With a calm and caring demeanor, I approach life with a genuine warmth that extends to both friends and strangers alike. Though softly spoken, I harbour a deep appreciation for engaging in meaningful conversations, relishing the exchange of ideas and shared laughter. Despite my innocent appearance, there's a spirited and naughty side that emerges in the intimate confines of the bedroom. This delightful blend of a calm exterior and a passionate interior creates a dynamic and authentic personality, embodying the essence of both serenity and excitement. In navigating the delicate balance between the everyday and the intimate, I find joy in connecting with others on a profound level, fostering relationships that are as genuine as they are exhilarating. 


If you like what you have read then do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to know more about you.


Love Jasmine x

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